Traditionally Family Browser allows you to organize your Revit content on your local file system, LAN, or supported cloud services like Dropbox and OneDrive.  Cloud Storage now allows you to upload your content to our cloud server for easy access to all members in your organization no matter where their location is.

Some of the advantages of this storage system are:

  1. One location where all your Revit content is located.
  2. Easy access for all users no matter what geographical location they are accessing it from.
  3. Upon uploading content to the cloud server, we automatically extract all the information out of the family for you, for future advanced searching.  eg we find all family Types, parameters, and values.  We do this on the server side so your system is not held up while this time-consuming process runs.
  4. We also upgrade your family files to selected Revit versions, so when users drop in selected families there does not need to be a pause while the family is being upgraded.
  5. Easily share your Family Browser libraries with other Family Browser customers.
  6. We can create stunning family icon images for you (coming soon)

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