Family Browser R3 Beta 2 can be downloaded from here:

This installer will install for both Revit 2019 & Revit 2020


WARNING.  Family Browser R3 is incompatible with Family Browser R2 and if both are loaded into the same session of Revit, Revit will crash on project opening.  To get around this you MUST either uninstall Family Browser R2 from your system or download and install the latest version of Family Browser R2 from the links below.

Family Browser R2 2019 - Update 

Family Browser R2 2020 - Update 


Please also use our help portal for any questions that you may have.  We are beginning to populate it with help articles and videos and this is a work in progress.  Please also send us support tickets if you do have any questions so that can all be tested.

This web link is also available from the right mouse click menu in Family Browser. 



Once again that you for your time testing Family Browser R3 and providing feedback.  It is greatly appreciated.