Welcome to the Family Browser R3 Public Beta.

Thank you for indicating that you would like to test and provide feedback from Family Browser R3.


With this release we wanted to:

  1. Simplify the Product registration and Initial Setup
  2. Simplify the setup of the company wide Family Browser including user connection to the Library.
  3. Simplify the issues surrounding separate offices connecting to the one library.
  4. Have the ability to connect to other company libraries or 3rd party content libraries.
  5. Simplify the management of the Family Browser Library and its users.
  6. Simplify the subscription and resubscription process.


This is no easy task and has involved the total rewrite of Family Browser code to allow this.  This Beta build is the first step on this road to achieve the above goals.  It is pretty early in the development stage, so a lot of things are not 100% working or even started to be built.  In this release we would like feedback on. 


  1. The initial install and registration.  Please report any errors that you come across.  Also feedback on the registration process.  Was it clear and easily followed?
  2. Once registered Family Browser will be prebuilt with one tab with video files included.  Please watch them as the setup of Family Browser is totally different from previous releases.  Double Click on them to open the videos.
  3. The main area of feedback we are after in this release is the 
    1. Process of creating your Library and the speed of switching between groups and tabs along with search speed.  
    2. Is the speed acceptable??  
    3. Does the Family Browser Builder make sense?  
    4. How can that be improved?


Known Issues/Limitations

  1. Drag/Drop from cardview has not been implemented.
  2. Many areas of the Settings web interface are unbuilt. We will let you know as they have been built.
  3. The notifications flyout needs more work. 



Family Browser R3 Beta 2 can be downloaded from here:

Beta Downloads Page

Once again that you for your time testing Family Browser R3 and providing feedback.  It is greatly appreciated.








Phillip Miller



ph US +1 (415) 226 6748

ph NZ  +64 9 889 1397



Alexandra, New Zealand