Yes you can.

The Family Browser r3 Installer can accept 2 additional arguments at runtime.

  • AKEY  
    • This is your Family Browser r3 Activation key.  If you supply this information, the installer will store this key on the computer.  When Family Browser runs for the first time on Revit Start-up it will check to see if it is activated.  If it is not it will then check for this value.  If found it will automatically activate the computer for Family Browser and will add the new User to the DB and apply either the default values or if a "Template User" has been setup will take on these settings.
  • /qn ALLUSERS=1
    • Setting this argument will run the installer in silent mode.  ie no UI at all.

This can be set in a batch file or windows shortcut.  For example

"C:\Installers\Family Browser R3 19-11-11-015.exe" AKEY=B4K30Z0WOOGHJ5B182AJ7B7NKJZJG77PJCW /qn ALLUSERS=1

NOTE:  if run from a windows shortcut you require the file path to the exe to be enclosed in double quotes as shown above.  These are not needed in a Batch file.